Hot Tyre Air Pressure Gauge Meter Electronic Digital LCD Car Tire Manometer Barometers Tester Tool For Auto Car Motorcycle in Pressure Gauges from Tools

Hot Tyre Air Pressure Gauge Meter Electronic Digital LCD Car Tire Manometer Barometers Tester Tool For Auto Car Motorcycle in Pressure Gauges from Tools
Hot Tyre Air Pressure Gauge Meter Electronic Digital LCD Car Tire Manometer Barometers Tester Tool For Auto Car Motorcycle in Pressure Gauges from Tools
Hot Tyre Air Pressure Gauge Meter Electronic Digital LCD Car Tire Manometer Barometers Tester Tool For Auto Car Motorcycle in Pressure Gauges from Tools
Hot Tyre Air Pressure Gauge Meter Electronic Digital LCD Car Tire Manometer Barometers Tester Tool For Auto Car Motorcycle in Pressure Gauges from Tools
Hot Tyre Air Pressure Gauge Meter Electronic Digital LCD Car Tire Manometer Barometers Tester Tool For Auto Car Motorcycle in Pressure Gauges from Tools

Product Specification

Brand Name: meijiabuy

Model Number: Digital tire pressure gauge

Dial Diameter: 1.9 Inches & Under

Display Type: Digital

Max Measuring Range: 50 - 99 PSI

This Mini Tire Pressure Gauge with easy-to-read LCD screen, is used to monitor your tyre pressure, thereby extending tire life, increasing fuel efficiency and ensuring your safety.It is suitable for measuring tire air pressure of cars, motorcycles,etc.
LCD screen display with backlit for easy reading
Three units available: PSI, KPA, BAR
Small portable design, easy to hold and operate
Accurate and quick measuring, reliable to use
With anti-skid rubber handle
Manual power on/off and auto power off for power saving
LED light at gauge nozzle, convenient to use even at night
Measurement range: 5.0-100PSI; 0.35-7.00BAR
Accuracy: plusmn1PSI
Resolution: 0.5PSI
Display: 22 * 12mm LCD
Backlit color: Blue
Battery: 1 x CR2032 for tire gauge, 3 x LR44 for LED(not included)
Material: ABS & rubber
Color: Yellow & blacks-l500s-l500 (1)s-l500 (2)s-l500 (5)s-l500 (3)
-Orders processed within 3 days after payment is made and verification.
-We will arrange the shipment according to the address the buyer provided, So please confirm and check the address details you filled when purchase.
-The shipping method we offered is China Post Air Mail, so if you want to choose DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT, EMS, please contact us before purchase.
-Service Transit Time is provided by the carrier, weekends and holidays are excludes, so the shipping time may be longer than we promised, particularly during the holiday season, so please be patient.
-Any tracking information updated will inform you in time, you can also get the tracking information from official website. -2
-If you have returned the product to us, Please provide the tracking number to us.
-All returned items must be in the original packaging and condition.
-If the orders havenrsquot arrived in time, please contact us, we will arrange a reshipment or a refund for you.
-If you want refund, please contact with our customer service and donrsquot open a dispute directly.
-Feedback is very important for us, we strive for 100% satisfaction, if you have any questions or problems, please contact us first , we will solve it quickly and in the best way.
-Please leave us positive feedback and give all 5 stars if you are satisfied with our products, your highly recommend is our motivate to move further, we will really appreciate your time if you left positive feedback.

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Commetns :
Everything is as stated. Measurements do excellent, in 4 parameters. The readings of a penny in a penny coincide with prof devices.

4 pressure range all normally shows

Items received Latvian after 86 days. Very slow shipping. But item working with inside battery. Thanks

It came to st. petersburg in 26 days! Packed perfectly!!! Seller recommend!


Delivery mo 3 weeks. The track is allotted only to china. The description corresponds, although it was less than i imagined it. Batteries included.

very nice!

Thank you all super!!!

thank you

Customs didn't miss. More than a month sending was done. Money returned

Thank you seller! The parcel came quickly, in a month. The product is excellent, everything works.

Works and the backlight and the pressure sensor itself, the accuracy for pumping wheels is enough, the batteries are in stock

Order came but gauge not acted was broken naszczescie seller quickly and efficiently oddał money for the goods so all zakończyło the approx.


Oh sorry but the goods did not receive

Measures clearly. I did not communicate with the seller.

Didn't the order arrive?

All ok came for 2 weeks! immediately went to measure the wheels not much not exactly shows the error in 2 division

Thank you!

Great gauge

Works. A week ago the husband pumped the wheels at the refueling for 2, today received the parcel, the device showed 1.8. Probably it can be said that the device is accurate

The goods came, works out of the box (battery included). Packed not well enough, the screen about the plastic packaging rubbed and the appearance spoiled. Think of something with the packaging, otherwise everything is fine.


The device works, the description corresponds, there is nothing to add.

The pressure gauge is clearly used, rubbed to the matte display and the dried seal, after the replacement works and match the readings with the test gauge.

Everything is in accordance.

I bought 3 pieces. Checked on the car-all 3 manometers showed alone 1, 9... immediately 2 gave, one left, let it be, or even on the compressors from the traffic light for 630 rubles. Always lie manometers .... I liked it, and you look for yourself, read always reviews from the bottom-with negative negative! Seller thanks!

Normal pressure gauge, can be taken

Very satisfied. GOOD

As described by seller. Working well

good iteam fast shipping thanks a lot


Thank you.

Shows exactly

All ok and very fast shipping. Thank you!

Got quickly wound up in a puffy state perfect. Not yet tried

+/-Correct readings


Good product, fast shipment, thank you

Urun quality recommend

Batteries installed

Conveniently lies in the hand, the backlight of the pressure gauge contact with the nipple, 4 measurement modes. At the post office for a long time (with .... ki). And so, everything is fine ..

The order took 1,5 months to yaroslavl, the seller sent quickly, to russia reached in a week, and then by post of russia. The pressure gauge came with a small scratch on the protective cover of the display (still it is plastic sooner or later it will still be scratched), but it should not affect the performance. According to the accuracy of the measurement later i will add a review.

Excellent pressure gauge, i advise everyone seller

Thank you, both devices work fine. I liked everything very much. One question, what is this gift? What to do with it?

Thank you all well

Long shipping (measurement shows how accurately i can not say.

not bad

good quality

very good

Wrong testimony...

The screen is slightly rubbed. And otherwise everything is fine. Measurements have not yet been made.

Good thing recommend

Ordered 18.06.19, received 10.07.19. The device is good. Seller and product-recommend.

The fastest package for all years!! Packed cool, no scratches

And measures quite accurately. Backlight display, in hand convenient. I will order now and friends. Thank you. Here is the delivery is long.

All super seller quickly sent, everything came packed in a doll, with batteries, i recommend the seller.

Suprisingly accurate tester! Arrived to destination country 5 days after the order. Not seller's fault that domestic supplier needs a month to deliver it to me :(

It came on time, the product corresponds to the description

Intacte not encore essayer

It came within a month. Everything corresponds, in addition to the worn stacks.

The measure is not accurate measures in approximately un10 psi of error

Very satisfied. Came quickly

Came quickly. the seller put a gift. five stars to him. manometer working.

I got it fast. Works

Everything works, it glows brightly, it is convenient to read. It has already come with batteries inside. There is a similar device, the readings with this are similar, the difference is 3.5% between them. The only thing that, the pressure gauge that i had before this other model, when measuring almost does not suffer, and this one has time to draw a little if not immediately to press. But in general, all the norms, you can take. Rode long enough-through latvia for some reason, 1 month.

The goods did not come, the money was returned


A good device. came with a battery inside. the track was tracked. the glass is small scratched.

Thank you

The whole, turns on, but not yet checked for accuracy. Thank you!

it ws good dealing with u

1 star put for fast delivery, 1 star for appearance as it was in the picture... in the work plan full gavno... in the first 0.2-0.3 bar at least flying from real pressure, secondly, it is necessary to apply to measure .... in the third even if you applied, at different angles different pressure... and again 0.2-0.3 bar shows below

Everything came intact and kept on working, on the car did not check.

Accuracy is not curly. For such money i do not advise taking. Mechanical pressure gauge at times better.


Very cool device. Easy to measure tire pressure. And compared the readings on several manometers accuracy awesome. Advise You To take!

Very good i arrive well packed as in 20 days to peru i recommend

Turns on, accuracy is not yet checked. Thank you seller!

Works fine but won't measure Presta valve pressure on bicycle. You will need an adapter.

Protested on two machines with two, compared with data with two different compressors

As picture

It's okay.

The parcel went to the krasnodar territory 30 days, the manometer is working.

The product is not diyshov

great product

Ordered 05.07.2019, received 07.08.2019. Apparatus for measuring pressure in wheels. A good device, like shows correctly. Of course i do not know how much it will last, but you can take it.

The product didn't arrive.

Everything works! Delivered quickly.

Very fast

The package reached st. petersburg in three weeks. The battery is already installed inside the device. Measured tire pressure on car and bicycle. The readings of the device coincided with the values of the car compressor. The result is satisfied. I recommend both the device and the seller.

Hello, in general, the goods came very quickly, to be honest the first time such, the pressure gauge works, in short the seller is well done, ordered 16. 07, came 29.07 to novokuznetsk, i advise!!!

Goods looks OK and was delivered after 14 days. I can recommend this shop.

The error of 0.1 kg/cm2 otherwise corresponds to the description.

The goods did not receive, the money was returned through dispute. The decision on the dispute is made by aliexpress, because. Their delivery. The decision is reluctantly, they write that the parcel is in transit. Be more insistent. Tried to write to the seller-silence)

the accuracy is very bad. around +/- 5 PSI

The order came in 1,5 months. Nice pressure gauge. The scale and nipple of the wheel are illuminated. To measure the pressure you need to adjust a little. From the first attempts, it happens that when measuring, air leakage occurs. We need to press more tightly. According to the accuracy of the testimony, i can not say anything yet. We need to go to a good tire center and check. As i check, i will write off additionally. First impression: liked, small and convenient, several units of measurement, need to adapt to use. Thank you to the seller. Packed in a puffy film.

Excellent fast delivery.

The product is very fast in the case until i checked


Everything is clear, it works. True seller gave a wrong track number and parcel tracked knows where

The gauge came just like in the picture, everything works, shows exactly!

Everything is fine, it measures quite accurately, delivery on time. I recommend the product and the seller.